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Some years ago, a woman by the name of  Ms Gertrud Larsson (her maiden name)  testified  that during the 1940s, she worked in adjoining offices with Raoul Wallenberg on Blasieholmen. Raoul Wallenbergs uncle, Carl-Axel Söderlund  (the husband of Raouls  aunt Nita Söderlund)  was one of its original  board members. Escort 100 real photos - 22 (istanbul laura Arabic Escorts Istanbul call or text whatsapp (istanbul, turkey luxury Real.Book girl, viber or WhatSapp (Istanbul istanbul VIP, escort. Marcus Wallenbergs  private residence was located just a few doors down,. In 1941, Raoul Wallenberg maintained a temporary office address at Blasieholmsgatan 3, in the heart of the Wallenberg family business sphere. In 1997, one of us  (S. In 1941,  Blasieholmsgatan 3 was sold to the Hotell Esplanades Fastighetsaktiebolag.   However, the question is why the firm did not take up its location at Strandvägen from the start, where  Salén had his main office? Per Jacobsson,  an executive in the  Bank of International  Settlements (BIS)  who would later head the International Monetary Fund (IMF worked as an agent for Swedish Intelligence throughout the war. As it turns out, some of these gaps in the record may not be accidental.

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Recently new clues have emerged which may explain how he spent his time until July 1941, when he   joined. For most visitors, the way to Stockholms water front leads through  a  block of beautifully restored  office buildings  at Blasieholmstorg and Blasieholmsgatan. He served  as the head of the SEBs real estate office and its chief of personnel. Back in 1997, sitting in the well appointed Wallenberg family business office,  Guy von Dardel knew only one thing:  He needed to learn more about  his brothers  personal and professional history. . (4) Only his  official Kabinettspass from 1941/42     a special travel document issued by the Swedish government    and both his diplomatic  and  private Swedish passports,  issued in June 1944, are currently available to researchers. . The companys formal  owners Carl Matthiessen and Sven  Salén were  longtime business partners of both Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg, so Mellaneuropeiskas initial location at Blasieholmsgatan is not necessarily surprising. escort girl bergen independent escort hungary

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They  were part of the extensive Wallenberg family  investments in the Estonian shale oil industry which produced fuel and important by-products such as  cement for construction projects. .   One of his officers, Thorsten Akrell, secretly delivered two radio sets to the Hungarian resistance in  Budapest in 1944, where he also met with Raoul Wallenberg. . (1) Peter Wallenberg died in January 2015. Arabic escorts in istanbul girls / shemales / males / / - 24 (istanbul)   CityXGuide Verified, february 26, 2019, christina russian. Peter Wallenberg was not in a gracious mood, however. . The Wallenberg family has traditionally maintained very close ties to the Swedish intelligence community. . Source: Kálmán Lauers private papers, The Swedish National Archives. 3, kálmán Lauer; Source: /id/1477508 from the film «Raoul Wallenberg: Saviour and Victim Klaus Dexel, Germany, 2005. From he served as the chief of the National Budget Commissions Transport Department.

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