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Avinashilingam Chettiar was responsible for the creation of the first encyclopedia in Tamil? That the 500-million-year-old Cambrian predator Hurdia was thought to be a number of separate organisms for 100 years, until the complete animal was reconstructed in March 2009? That images of 243 Ida (pictured) returned from the space probe Galileo, and processed on 17 February 1994, provided the first confirmation of a moon orbiting an asteroid? That election monitors described the behaviour of the people of Suriname during the 2005 Surinamese legislative election as a good example to the Caribbean? That the Batavier II and Batavier V, of the Dutch Batavier Line, were captured, released, and later sunk by four different submarines? That pianist Mona Golabek wrote a book about her mother's experience as part of the Kindertransport, a mission to rescue children threatened by the Nazis? 18:08, (UTC) 09:44, (UTC). That Mosby Tavern, a private residence, has served as the courthouse and jail for both Cumberland County and Powhatan County, Virginia? That Supreme Court Justice William. That Plasmatron television screens combined rows formed from liquid crystals with columns formed from plasma cells?

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That in 1960, the CBS anthology series The DuPont Show with June Allyson featured Harpo Marx in the role of a deaf mute who witnesses a gangland murder? That Lou Reed said "I knew I was in the presence of an angel" after hearing the Antony and the Johnsons song " Cripple and the Starfish "? That Nolan Bushnell, founder of both Atari, Inc and Chuck. That visits to the workshop of Hieronymus Andreae by Maximilian I gave rise to a Nuremberg saying "The Emperor has gone to the women's alley again"? That a date stone beetle virgin will have sex with her first son to reach maturity before eating him and all of his brothers? Recently created new articles, greatly expanded former stub articles, and recently promoted, good Articles are eligible, and you can submit them for consideration. That the harefoot mushroom (pictured) lasts only a few hours before its gills dissolve into a black liquid? That John Dyneley Prince, who later served.S. That the Western Australian carnivorous plant Drosera erythrorhiza was split into four related subspecies in 1992? Moore built one 137-ton Liberty ship engine every.8 hours?

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real escorts oslo millionaire dating That the World War II Marine Corps Air Station in Santa Barbara (pictured) is now home to the University of California, Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara Municipal Airport? That Itoro Umoh-Coleman was one of two Hephzibah High School graduates to play on the Nigerian women's national basketball team in the 2004 Summer Olympics? Long by proposing a bill to grant the title "Your Majesty" to every adult in Louisiana? That Davy Crockett (19541955) was the first miniseries in the history of television, although the term "miniseries" had porno norwegian sextreff i trondheim not yet been coined?
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That Major League Baseball pitcher Jaime Cocanower set an unofficial record in 1985 by throwing a wild pitch in eight straight appearances? That psychologist John Neulinger envisioned a future society based on leisure? That George Washington Hill was the American businessman who introduced women to cigarettes? That the 1916 children's novel Just David was the second in a series of four consecutive bestsellers in the United States for Eleanor. That baritone William Dooley performed the title role in the world premiere of Marcel Mihalovici 's one character opera Krapp, ou, La dernière bande in 1961? Hare, his father William. That medievalist Knut Helle led the editorial committee of the ten-volume encyclopedia Norsk biografisk leksikon? That the Gable Mansion is one of the last Victorian Italianate mansions of its style, size, and proportion in California?

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